Testimonials to John Syrtash


You are an amazing lawyer who knows all his stuff and then some!

I am sure I was most hyper many times, but you managed to see me through the worst. For that I am grateful! As I have said before, you will not be getting rid of me as a client because your services are never ending (well okay, maybe in 5 years!) so let me say thanks now, and I hope you know how happy I truly am!!

Thanks so very much for doing a great job with my file.

Much appreciated,

K J.

Dear Mr. Syrtash:

First of all, I would like to thank you for the time we spent together to try and sort out my problems. I must say that after speaking with you , I now hold your opinions and values in high regard. I also consider myself fortunate to have met a person such as yourself.

The book you suggested I read, “ The river, the kettle and the bird”, has been extremely beneficial in defining my relationship with my wife. I hope this gift can be kept by you as a reference to future clients.

I would like to say thanks again for all your help and wish you and your family a happy Passover; Chag kasher v’samech.


S L.

Dear Mr. Syrtash:

My sincere appreciation for your agreeing to see me free of charge. I realize that you are a very busy man and that it was surely an inconvenience, one which you bore with patience and politeness. I was away for the summer months and spent much of that time soul searching for answers, some of which can’t be established with any degree of certainty. I am very grateful for your insight and knowledge and feel stronger and more confident that I can direct and guide myself and my children through anything the future holds for us. Again, my most genuine recognition for your efforts and trouble on my behalf,

Yours truly,

K S.

Dear Mr. Syrtash:

John became involved in our case after more than two years of fighting the system. He very quickly familiarized himself with the file and began to fight for what is right. He is extremely focused and is able to keep that focus no matter what is thrown at him. I am grateful for all that he has done to assist us in our fight.

Dear Mr. Syrtash:

Mr. Syrtash is extremely knowledgable and genuinely cares about my family situation. He helped me achieve results that my previous lawyers were unable to accomplish. Mr. Syrtash established a very good relationship with my ex-husband’s lawyer and was therefore able to negotiate many matters over the phone. He was empathetic about my financial situation and tried to save me money whenever possible.

Dear Mr. Syrtash:

I cannot thank you enough. This past Monday I got my Ghet (Jewish Divorce and right to remarry religiously within my faith.) Obviously this was an open miracle from God – my ex-husband vowed throughout my marriage to make life as impossible as possible, would I divorce him – but the miracle came into fruition due to your hard work of creating the ghet law. Thanks to you, I have been freed from “prison”. I cannot imagine the reward you will ultimately get from the many, many women you have freed from captivity. May God bless you, your family forever after.

Dear Mr. Syrtash:

Mr. John Syrtash is an amazing lawyer. He always sympathized with me throughout my custody battle. He was prompt when I needed him to answer my questions, and prepare all documents for court. He taught me to view all perspectives of the custody battle if it was to be good, difficult, intense, emotional, complex, or any other type of experience a parent may face at the time. In conclusion, after an uphill battle became the best case, a mother who never gave up, and was willing to do whatever it takes, no matter how difficult it was, or how long it took, with the great help and confidence of her lawyer Mr. John Syrtash. I highly recommend Mr. John Syrtash as a family law lawyer, today I still live by his words and respect him for all he has done.

Dear Mr. Syrtash:

Mr. Syrtash’s work provides excellent value for the money I spent. He delivers what he promises and he is also assertive and thorough in his preparation. He has handled my work for several years. I never felt that I was over billed. He got me great results and I would highly recommend him.

Dear Mr. Syrtash:

John Syrtash is an excellent lawyer that I would recommend to everyone. I have worked with him in the handling of my divorce for many years. He always answers calls and emails promptly. He is professional, respectful, and compassionate and genuinely concerned for his clients’ well-being.

Dear Mr. Syrtash:

Thank you for everything you did throughout my divorce process. You are a lawyer who handled it with dignity, truth and understanding. If you ever need a reference or anything in the future feel free to ask…when my separation began, I told my friend I need 2 things: a beautiful apartment and a great lawyer. I was blessed to find both. Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into my case.

Dear Mr. Syrtash:

Thank you for the documentation, the Divorce Order and Certificate of Divorce. I greatly appreciate our work and counsel through this process.