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Garfin Zeidenberg LLP is a Toronto-based Family Law practising in the areas of family law lawyer attorneys and civil litigation, family law mediation and arbitration. John T. Syrtash leads a dedicated and tenacious team of Ontario family law professionals. Our senior team of divorce lawyers are thought leaders in divorce law in Ontario and Canada. We pride ourselves in our sensitivities to conducting a dignified Toronto Family Lawyer in Toronto Legal Aid, Family law practice in the rich multi-ethnic environment that is Toronto. We work with our clients through the complete separation and divorce process including spousal support, child support, custody and property division.

We provide solid legal advice and representation with a strong focus on positive outcomes and client service excellence in the area of Family Law Lawyer, Family Law Attorney, Family Law Firms, Divorce Lawyer in Toronto, Ontario. As a result, we’ve been able to maintain a very high score of overall client satisfaction in Family Law Lawyers Toronto Legal Aid. In fact, our law firm has the most positive client reviews on than any other family law firm in Toronto.

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