Testimonials to John Syrtash


You are an amazing lawyer who knows all his stuff and then some!

I am sure I was most hyper many times, but you managed to see me through the worst. For that I am grateful! As I have said before, you will not be getting rid of me as a client because your services are never ending (well okay, maybe in 5 years!) so let me say thanks now, and I hope you know how happy I truly am!!

Thanks so very much for doing a great job with my file.

Much appreciated,
K J.

Dear Mr. Syrtash:

First of all, I would like to thank you for the time we spent together to try and sort out my problems. I must say that after speaking with you , I now hold your opinions and values in high regard. I also consider myself fortunate to have met a person such as yourself.

The book you suggested I read, “ The river, the kettle and the bird”, has been extremely beneficial in defining my relationship with my wife. I hope this gift can be kept by you as a reference to future clients.

I would like to say thanks again for all your help and wish you and your family a happy Passover; Chag kasher v’samech.

S L.

Dear Mr. Syrtash:

My sincere appreciation for your agreeing to see me free of charge. I realize that you are a very busy man and that it was surely an inconvenience, one which you bore with patience and politeness. I was away for the summer months and spent much of that time soul searching for answers, some of which can’t be established with any degree of certainty. I am very grateful for your insight and knowledge and feel stronger and more confident that I can direct and guide myself and my children through anything the future holds for us. Again, my most genuine recognition for your efforts and trouble on my behalf,

Yours truly,
K S.

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